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My name is Stefan Dimitrov and I'm the person behind the YouTube channel "Universe Inside You". I'm 21 years old and I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. I want to spread this hidden knowledge and information with you and help you expand your consciousness in a way no one can. I work very hard for every video and it takes me a lot of time, but at the end it's all worth it.
Here you will grow your Spiritual, Esoteric, Psychological, Philosophical and Extraterrestrial Knowledge with videos and articles on all of this topics.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why do you use this voice ?

As you know, I'm from Bulgaria and I believe your experience with the videos will be much better with the voice I use, rather then my male voice, with Bulgarian accent and not a perfect English. I like the voice I'm using because it's soft, and friendly.


  • Where do you get your information about the extraterrestrial races ?

The information I gather, is from people who channeled and communicated with the extraterrestrial races. In order to confirm the information I look and research several sources, from different people who channeled them, and compare them, and if the information from the different sources is the same, I consider it trustworthy and I share the information with you. I don't ask anyone to believe it. You must feel the information, and believe it only if it resonates with you.


  • How can I help you ?

Thank you for your desire to help me. As you know I spend huge amount of time to work on my videos and I also work. My dream is to be able to live off my channel and be able to work on my videos all day long so that I can give you more videos, on more topics, with more information. On this stage you can help me achieve my goal by making a donation, by clicking the Donate button down below. I would be extremely grateful if you do this, you would be helping me achieve my dream of spreading knowledge. 

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