hopi people aliensThe Hopi people, are one of the Native American tribes, descendants of the ancient Pueblo people, that lived in the South West Area of the United States, which today is called Four Corners. One of the groups of the ancient Pueblo people, was the mysterious Anasazi, the ‘Ancient Ones, that flourished, and disappeared mysteriously, between 550, and 1300 A.D.. The Hopi’s history, goes back thousands of years, making them one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

The original name of the Hopi people, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, means the ‘Peaceful People’. The concepts of morality, and ethics, are deep-rooted in the Hopi traditions, and this involved a respect for all living beings. Traditionally, they lived according to the laws of the Creator, Maasaw. The Hopi believed that the gods came up from the ground, in contrast to other mythologies, in which gods came from the sky. Their mythology, suggests that the Ant People, inhabited the heart of the Earth.

An independent researcher, and author of some amazing books about alien visitation, Gary A. David, spent 30 years of his life, immersed in Native American culture and history. According to him, the Hopi might be connected to many different mysterious entities, who could be called extraterrestrials today.

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All across the American Southwest, we find petroglyphs, (rock carvings, or pictographs, (rock paintings, depicting entities, with spindly bodies, large eyes, and bulbous heads, that sometimes project antennae. These eerie figures, are frequently shown, in a “prayer stance,” their elbows and knees positioned at right angles, similar to the ant’s bent legs.

Many claim the ant beings depicted, resemble modern-day ideas of alien life, and some believe the Hopi tribe have seen, and interacted with extraterrestrial beings.

One of the most intriguing Hopi legends, involves the Ant People, who were crucial to the survival of the Hopi, not just once, but twice.

In the Hopi traditions there are cycles of time – similar to the Aztec mythology, and as with many other mythologies. And they believed that at the end of each cycle the ‘gods’ return. We are currently going through the fourth World, as they call it, or forth cycle. However, what is interesting in those cycles is the third one, during which the Hopi talk about the ‘Flying Shields’ (patuwvotas). This world of the fourth cycle achieved an advanced civilization that was destroyed in the end by the God Sotuknang – nephew of the Creator, with great floods, in a similar way as in many other traditions.

In describing how advanced the third world was, advanced ‘flying shields’ were developed with the capability to attack cities that were far away and to travel quickly between different places of the world. The similarity to what we consider today as flying discs or even advanced aircraft is uncanny.

The so-called “First World, (or world-age, was apparently destroyed by fire, possibly some sort of volcanism, asteroid strike, or coronal mass ejection from the sun. The Second World, was destroyed by ice, Ice Age glaciers, or a pole shift.

 During these two global cataclysms, the virtuous members of the Hopi tribe were guided by an odd-shaped cloud during the day, and a moving star at night, that led them to the sky god, named Sotuknang, who finally took them to the Ant People, in Hopi, Anu Sinom . The Ant People then escorted the Hopi, into subterranean caves, where they found refuge, and sustenance.

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 In this legend, the Ant People are portrayed as generous, and industrious, giving the Hopi food when supplies ran short, and teaching them the merits of food storage.

According to a the Native American Wisdom Series, “Hopi, Following the Path of Peace”, these words were spoken by Sotuknang at the beginning of the Fourth World:

See, I have washed away even the footprints of your Emergence; the stepping-stones which I left for you. Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas [shields], and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil, and those people who found no time to sing the praises to the Creator from the tops of their hills. But the day will come, if you preserve the memory and the meaning of your Emergence, when these stepping-stones will emerge again to prove the truth you speak.

Furthermore, according to the Hopi’s traditions, the survivors of the flood of the previous world, spread into different places under the guidance of Maasau, by following his sign in the skys. When Maasau landed, he drew a petroglyph showing a lady riding on a ‘ship without wings’ in the shape of a dome. This petroglyph symbolized the day of purification when the true Hopi will fly to other planets in those ships without wings.

Many have said these ‘flying shields’ or ‘ships without wings’ clearly refer to what we know today as unidentified flying objects.


In another part of the world, other drawings and carvings, Would give us the spark to theories, on another race of extraterrestrial beings, that were here, interacting, and possibly genetically engeneering mankind, on the land of Ancient Sumeria. These beings, were the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki race, was believed to be superior and was thought to originate from the skies. It was through their teachings that the Sumerians were able to learn how to live in the world and take care of it until the gods of creation returned. Just like the Ant People of the Hopi, they were there to teach mankind about their planet and how to use its resources.

It is interesting to note there is a linguistic link. the Babylonian sky god was named Anu. The Hopi word for “ant” is also anu, and the Hopi root word naki means “friends.” Thus, the Hopi Anu-naki, or “ant friends,” may have been the same as the Sumerian Annunaki—the beings who once came to Earth from the heavens. There is also the similar pronunciation of the Hopi ancestors, the Anasazi. Again we see this phrase in another belief in another part of the world. This is not to say that it proves anything, just simply an interesting note.

 Is it coincidence, Or evidence. Is it possible to suggest that Ant People and Anunnaki were similar beings who visited Earth in remote past to give our ancestors a helping hand?

Is it possible that these stories interacted somehow?

Whether Or not there is an actual connection between the Hopi of the Southwest and the ancient Sumerians, it certainly gives one pause that creation stories were very similar. It also makes the point that celestial communication has been a curiosity of mankind for much longer than UFO sightings in the 20th century. As we continue searching in the skies for answers, it is humbling to think how many centuries the questions have possibly been asked.

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