Increase Your Energy – Powerful Ways

Making the most of your life, depends on maximizing your energy, minimizing your stress levels, and maintaining a mental, spiritual, and emotional center.
Throughout your daily life, every interaction, reaction, and moment, has an impact on your overall energy level, and state of being. Your every choice, influences whether you are moving in the direction, of raising, or lowering your vibration.
As a vibrational being, in every moment, you’re either increasing your frequency, or your energy, and vibration, are declining. Change is constant, and so there’s no staying the same.
When your energy has been drained, or you’re in a low vibrational state, you’re likely to be blocked mentally, spiritually, and physically. Lower vibrational frequencies, are associated, with stagnation, negative emotions, lethargy, health challenges, and even depression.
Every Choice, and Every Moment, Affects Your Vibration.
All of your choices, impact your light quotient. This is the level of light you’re able to carry. As you detoxify your body, clear limiting beliefs, and patterns, and release negative emotions, the amount of light, you’re able to hold, increases. Everyone can use a little energy boost in life.

Here are some grate ways, which can increase your energy, and raise your vibration.


Spend Time In Nature

Nature is a natural mood elevator, and a great way to increase your vibration.
You don’t have to take this to the extreme, unless you want to, but do make a point, to appreciate, and commune with nature in some way, on a daily basis.
When you make the time to walk in nature, work in the garden, meditate under a tree, relax at the beach, or gaze up at the stars, you’re rewarded, with clarity of mind, a grounded state of being, and an increased vibration. Time in nature, will help you to remember, the beauty of the natural world, and to experience your oneness with everything. For me, water is especially healing, and uplifting as well.
Going for a swim, or even taking a shower, and feeling any stress, and tension, being rinsed away, is incredibly uplifting.

Practice Present Moment Awareness

Your point of power, and source of energy, is always in the present moment.
When you’re worried about potential future realities, or reliving the past, you’re losing out on the energy, available to you in the moment. Forgive others, and release the past, to unhook yourself from lower vibrational energies, and to open yourself up, to experiencing the magic, and beauty, present now.
Relax into the present moment. Make the conscious choice, to go with the flow, release stress and tension, and remain flexible, and adaptable, as you “ride the wave of light, that is present on Earth.
This not only helps to to live with more grace, joy, and ease, But it also raises your vibration, and                                                                                                                                                                                       helps you to claim your power, as a spiritual being, in a physical form.

Healthy Emotions

Your body is deeply affected by your moods. Chemical messages, tell every cell, how you feel. In its own way, a cell can be happy, or sad. Agitated, or content. Joyous, or despairing.
When you feel fear, or anxiety, your body responds with the fight-or-flight response, which raises your heart rate, and increases the production of cortisol, adrenaline, and other so-called stress hormones. Living in a state of chronic stress, can lead to increased inflammation in your body, and the development of chronic illness. On the other hand, when you cultivate healthy emotions, you promote self-healing, and self-regulation in your body. Healthy emotions, include love, kindness, joy, compassion, equanimity, gratitude, and peace. There are countless ways to cultivate healthy emotions. You can begin, by making a list of the healthy emotions, and writing down one activity, or experience, that expands that emotion in your life. Then each day devote a little time, to engaging in that activity, with the intention, of expanding your emotional well-being, and happiness.



Exercise can increase your energy level. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Objects in motion, stay in motion. After you workout, you feel less sedentary, and more likely to have a positive energy. The best time of the day to workout, or exercise, is in the morning, or in the afternoon. Physical activities, such as workouts, and exercises, have positive effect on you, and it will make you feel more energetic, for the rest of the day. It actually makes you feel much more energized, and makes you feel happy, as it is a natural way, of releasing endorphins in your brain.
Getting outside, in the fresh air, may actually help more than a nap, for providing you with an energy boost, and fighting off feelings of tiredness. Recent studies, suggest that scheduled physical activity, will actually increase energy levels, more so than forty winks. Why scheduled exercises, This is because if you have made a commitment, to including exercise in your daily regimen, you are more likely to follow through with it. Additionally, even individuals with chronic health problems, such as heart disease, and cancer, can benefit from physical activity, for boosting their own levels of energy. Although it may seem contradictory, many leading researchers, state that by utilizing stored up energy, you are actually making more of it. One leading researcher, acknowledges that the last thing tired people want to do, is workout, However, remaining sedentary, will also make you remain tired. The best thing to do, is to get up, and partake in some sort of physical activity. society, as a whole, is always looking to other forms of energy, sports drinks, energy bars, and coffee, However, the best way to get your energy back, is to lace up your sneakers, and get moving. This can provide the type of energy boost, most individuals are seeking.


Get Some Sun

The sun carries codes of consciousness, and awakening, which work wonders, to raise your vibration. Go for a walk outside, or even just sit next to the window, if it’s too cold, and let the light of the sun reach you. The sun can naturally increase your energy levels, and boosts your mood. Getting some natural sunlight, for 15, or 20 minutes, can really boost your energy levels. The sun is a natural source of some essential vitamins, that your body needs. Next time you are low on energy, make it a point to go to the beach if it is possible. This will make you feel re-energized. Keep your sunshine to a maximum, of 30, to 40 minutes, and your energy level, will definitely go up.
“Sunlight energizes, and elevates mood. A lack of light has a direct effect on your mood. According to various findings, sunlight, acts as a natural mood enhancer, which serves to boost productivity, and creativity. That’s because when light is detected, you don’t produce as much melatonin, and instead, serotonin steps in, to elevate your mood. When the sun is out, however, you should take the opportunity, to recharge your batteries. When summer is here, you have no excuse but to take advantage of it.

Learn New Things Every Day

The mental aspect of our energy, will determine how effectively, we can use the physical capacity of energy. A commitment to learning new things, every day, is one of the best ways, to keep your mental energies sharp. Although there is

inherent value, in the added knowledge gained from learning, the activity of learning itself, can be an excellent way, to improve your mental energies.
If you don’t already read at least one book a month, make that your goal.
Learning, doesn’t even have to be directed, towards a specific purpose. Even if you don’t have to learn anything new, to maintain the point you are in your life right now, pick up something you find interesting, and learn about it anyways. Many people, never pick up another book, after they leave high-school. Learning must be a lifelong habit, not just a chore to get a degree.
Be Mindful About The Information You Ingest.
Everything is energy, including information, and some of it, vibrates with a far higher, or lower frequency, than others. Be mindful of the information you’re ingesting.
Pay attention to the vibration of the material you’re reading, listening to, and watching, and notice how it makes you feel, during, and after you experience it.
Information does impact your vibration, and so much of the information we’re bombarded with, on a daily basis, is negative, so be sure to counteract this, with positive, inspirational, and uplifting material.

Go outside, and breathe in the universe

Another beautiful routine, comes from Spring Forest Qi Gong, and is called, Breathing of the universe. It works by balancing the energy, both outside, and inside your body. To do this, stand with your toes, pointed forward, and your knees, slightly bent. Then, set your feet apart, a little more than shoulder width, for good balance. Look forward. Smile. Relax. Draw your chin back a little, to straighten the spine. Open your fingers. Drop your shoulders. Now shift your elbows outward a little. Slowly take three, deep, silent, and gentle breaths. Imagine using your whole body to breathe. Visualize the universal energy, coming into every cell of your body. When you exhale, visualize any pain, or sickness in your body, changing into smoke, and shooting out from every cell in your body, to the ends of the universe. Close your eyes, and repeat the words, “I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. The universe and I, combine together. Take a moment to feel the emptiness, the quietness,the stillness of the universe. Start with your hands, poised in front of you, fingers parted, as if holding a large ball. As you inhale, move your hands away from each other, to the sides. As you exhale, bring your hands back together, but without touching. Feel the energy, in the space between your hands, as you move them apart, and back together again. Do the exercise, for six minutes. When finished, sit, and relax, for several minutes more.

Align Action, With Conscience

Spiritual energy, or purpose, is the most powerful factor of energy. A strong enough spiritual dimension to your energy, can make up for huge mental, emotional, and physical deficits. The first step to improving your spiritual energy, is to start shifting all of your actions, towards what your conscience is telling you. By doing what you believe is right, you can get huge gains in your energy.
Look at how you are living right now. What are you doing that your conscience disapproves. Are you badmouthing people behind their backs? Are you being insensitive to others in need? Are you doing work, that bothers your conscience? I’m not trying to put a guilt trip on you, your conscience will do it for me. When you start to remove the internal conflict, between what you believe is right, and what you do, you greatly increase your energy. Don’t expect your behavior to change automatically, aligning with your conscience, isn’t easy. I know I am far from perfect in this regard, but the act of trying to align your actions, with what you feel is right, has incredible value.

Inject Your Day with Optimism

We live in a very negative world. Just reading the news, or having a conversation with most people, and you can usually feel a lot of negativity, fear, and pessimism. This isn’t always a bad thing. Discontentment, and negativity, can often lead to more action, than just pretending you feel wonderful, when you don’t. The problem occurs, when we surround ourselves, with so much negativity, that we drain our energies, and our ability to act. Negativity, isn’t always bad, but it is incredibly draining of your emotional energy. Only someone with incredibly high emotional energy reserves, can take the onslaught of negativity, in our society, and still have the positive focus to take action.
Positivity, and optimism, motivate, and inspire. In other words, positivity, creates energy. Devoting a certain proportion of your day, to get yourself excited, enthusiastic, and optimistic, can give you a huge boost in your energy. My favorite way to inject optimism into my day, is to listen to audio recordings, from personal development speakers. Even though I’ve listened to most of them many times, the positivity of their speeches, can give you some of the emotional energy, that the world has drained from you.


Meditation, along with positive thinking, and home relaxation, can play part in severing th



ose negative, and unwanted chords, helping you to restore energy levels, to a more acceptable level.
It helps just to be aware of such chords, and using positive thinking, you may consciously set about removing them, training yourself not to be sucked into these incessant, negative thoughts. Combined with sessions of meditation, you can steadily chip away at the negative chords, allowing your positive energy flows, to take over.
Meditation, also helps you practice relaxation, and the relaxation of your mind, and aching body, will assist you in restoring energy levels. When the meditation session begins, it is important to be as comfortable as possible. Ensure you find a comfortable place to sit, or lie down, loosen any tight items of clothing, and be certain, there are no external disturbances, that could interfere with your relaxation. Start the meditation, with a deep breathing exercise. Be sure to breathe in very deeply, through your nose, and imagine that you are exhaling negative thoughts, and feelings. Breathe out those things, that should be discarded. As you breathe in, try to imagine that you are taking in, new, fresh energy. Next, work on feeling each part of the body, from your toes, to your head. Imagine each part of the body, working in harmony, and as it is meant to be. It is a good idea, to use this exercise, to increase your awareness of your body. Now, try to visualize all the strands of energy, flowing from you, to other people, and back to you. Picture yourself, surrounded by a white light, and understand, that the white light, is protecting you. Visualize yourself, cutting each of the energy strands, you no longer need, imagining yourself cutting them, with a pair of scissors, or a sharp knife. Try to picture all of those unneeded energy cords, lying around you, after having been severed. Be sure, that as you sever each energy cord, you do so with love, and not with anger. Anger will only hold you back, and make the cords harder to cut. Be sure you sever each cord, with a feeling of peace, and inner harmony. This simple exercise, can be repeated as often as possible. You should always remember, that good diet, and exercise, also play a vital role in energy levels, as does encouraging harmony in your life, from the moment you wake, to the moment you fall asleep.

Set Goals

Goal setting, has to be one of the best ways, to manage your energy more effectively. The act of deciding what you want, motivating yourself, to achieve it, and defining purpose, impacts all dimensions of energy. By focusing your resources, towards your goals, you create an incredible boost in energy, particularly in the emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Find Your Purpose

nothing will impact your energies, more than finding, and creating your own life purpose. From this purpose, you can begin to align all of your goals, and actions, toward it. The greater congruency you have, between the actions you take, and the meaning they have, the greater your energies will be.
Finding your purpose, doesn’t have to be some divine epiphany, although it certainly could be. Your purpose, is what you are deciding your life means, with the information you currently have available. You can’t achieve perfection, with a purpose, because you are not omnipotent. All you can do, is decide what your life is going to mean, right now. Decide this, and begin aligning all your resources, towards this aim. Congruency, between action, and purpose, creates incredible boost of energy.

Sip Some Green Tea

If coffee is your go-to solution, for the afternoon slump, try swapping out your cup of coffee, for green tea. “Green tea, has small amounts of caffeine, and there are many noted studies, that demonstrate, the active compound in green tea, facilitates weight loss, So in addition to boosting energy level, you might burn some extra calories. A study by Japanese researchers, found that participants, who consumed 690 miligram of catechins from green tea, daily, had significantly lower body mass indexes, and smaller waist measurements, than those in a control group. Green tea in the afternoon, is also less likely to interfere with your sleep schedule, since it has less caffeine, than coffee per ounce.

Recite a mantra

One way to boost your energy, is to recite a mantra, especially suited for enhancing your daily energy level. Mantras, are an important part of many Eastern religions, including Hinduism, and Buddhism, but are becoming more and more a part of Western culture as well. Merriam-Webster, defines a mantra, as “a word, or phrase, that is repeated often, or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs.” They are generally a short phrase, or a few words, so you can recall them easily, and use them often. The more you repeat something, the more you give it meaning.
I use mantras for energy, most often during exercise, or when the late afternoon lull kicks in. A powerful mantra, is a better work-out companion, than a sugary sports drink, because it provides you with that extra boost of energy, without setting you up for a sugar crash later. With an energy-boosting mantra, there is all upside, and no downside.

Shift Your Focus to Others

One of the most powerful ways to increase your energy, is to shift your focus, from your own interests, and concerns, to those of others. Not only will movements of selflessness, self-givingness, goodness, and generosity, generate a sense of peace within, and balance, and amplifying your energies, but positive conditions, will suddenly present themselves. There is no faster way to refresh your energies, than by shifting, from self-absorption, in one’s own self-interest, to self-givingness, towards others.

Speak Less, Speak Softly

Related to opinions, one of the most powerful ways to generate more energy, is to simply speak less. Instead of verbalizing everything that is on your mind, hold back those thoughts, and energy, will surge within you. Likewise, if instead of speaking loudly, and boisterously, you express yourself in a low, soft voice, it will have a similar effect. This is the case, because speech originates in our life center. When we speak too much, or too loudly, we deplete the vital energies, that originate there. Doing the opposite, will not only restore, or heighten our energy, but will attract positive conditions from life. This is one of the reasons, that monks are taking a vow of silence.

Eat More Fiber

Sometimes, a stalled digestive system, can play havoc on your energy levels. You need to make sure, that you have a regular intake, of wholesome fiber-based diet, to have optimal energy levels. If you do not, it is most likely, that the food in your system, will build up, which can make you feel lethargic. Know, that it is important to eat a high fiber meal, at least twice a day. Some of the best high fiber choices, are oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain bread, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. These foods, will speed up your digestion, and help your body, to naturally increase your energy levels. This is because fiber, provides you with slow digesting carbohydrates, that your body uses throughout the day.


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