Reptilian Extraterrestrail race

The reptilians, are one of the most ancient, and technologically advanced civilization in the universe. what is interesting, is that they were genetically created, by another race, referred to, as master race. this race’s history, began so many years ago, when earth as we know it, didn’t even exist. Long time ago, when the universe wasn’t populated with millions of extraterrestrials, an extremely advanced beings, arrived in this universe, from a different, unknown world. This beings, were called Carians, and were one of the first beings who came in this universe, along side the feline race, who settled in the Lyrans. When this Carian beings arrived in our universe, which was very limited in life forms, they were in eteric form, and they chose to become physical in appearance, and exist in the 3rd dimension. in order to do this, they took on the shape and bodies, of the creatures who flew over the planet they wanted to incarnate on. these creatures, resembled our Earthly birds. After many incarnations, into this bird like beings, this extremely advanced race, with extraordinary universal knowledge, successfully evolved their physical, third dimensional bodies. This bird race, known as Carians, genetically designed many extraterrestrial races. One of the first races they created, were the reptilians.

 Reptilian shapeshifters

When they created the reptilian race, they left them in a planet, near the star Alpha Draconi, in the draco constellation, where they had the best chance of survival. Upon the creation of the reptilian race, by the carians, they told the reptilians that that this universe, was theirs to command. They told them that everything is theirs for the taking, and they must dominate every galaxy, planet, and race they encounter. This mindset, seeded since their creation, grew stronger throughout the years of evolution of this race. They have this mind set even today. The originaly created reptilian race, later called master race by the other reptilian species, were called the alpha draconians, and were considered royalties.

The alpha draconians, have long tails, and stand from 18, to 25 feet tall, and can weight up to 25 hundred pounds. They even have special wings, which are flaps of skin, supported by long ribs, which can be folded back against the body. They have a large liver, and two hearts. They have the strength of 12, to 16 humans. Their heads, resemble that of a dinosaur, looking like monsters. The average life span of the Draconians, extends from 18 hundred, to 41 hundred years of age.
there are actually two types of Alpha-Draconians, divided into two castes. the giant ones, are part of a royal caste, called the Ciakar, while there are smaller ones, 8 feet tall, which form a well-trained, warrior class. The ones that live as long as 41 hundred years, are the royal line of the Draconians, the winged Ciakars.

  This ancient race, was one of the first civilization in our galaxy, to have developed the interstellar space travel, and have had this capability, for 4 billion years. They were one of the first races, to chart our solar system, and in fact, they were the first race, to state, that our solar system, belonged to them. They had a great technological advantage over the other races, which was probably given to them, by the carians.

 Alpha Draconians, have colonized, and conquered many star systems, and have created many reptilian, and non reptilian races, by genetically altering the life forms they encountered. One of the most prominent races, created by the draconians, is a race, we know of, as Greys. This creation of a species, was necessary, for their survival as a race, As the Draconian civilization, continued to grow and expand, they needed new sources of negative energy, because they feed, by consuming this negative energy. Seeking other planets, to infest with their evil agenda, they soon came to realize, that a creation of cloned, evil race, would benefit them. Grey Aliens, were created as a slave race to the Reptilians, however, as the Reptilians grew in numbers, so did the Greys. Soon, a revolution would take place, that would give birth to the Grey Aliens, and their Agenda, to find a cure for their cloned race, that is slowly dying, because they don’t actually have any ability to reproduce. This is one of the main reasons, for the many human abductions by gray aliens, simply to use our genetic material.

The Draconians are the force behind the repression of human races, everywhere in this galaxy, instilling fear-based belief systems, and restrictive hierarchies.

The Draconians, view themselves, as the first intelligent species, to evolve in the Milky Way galaxy. Competitive, and expansive, they have populated many worlds. Their immense egos, allows them to see themselves, as the rightful rulers, of lesser evolved planets, such as Earth. Their continuous exploitation of the human race, proves they consider us an inferior species. The most densely populated area, of sub-races of Draconians, is the constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system, known as Capella. Here lies a very dangerous part of the Universe, for any human beings. The reptilian beings living there, are extremely violent, toward races such as ours, and are prone to destruction, death, control, and domination. These are highly advanced beings, but viewed as being of a negative, hostile, and dangerous disposition, since they regard humans, as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us, much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle. In fact, all reptilian races, see other races and civilizations, simply as a natural resource, work hand, food, or genetic material.

Reptilian alien


Nowadays, there are countless of different reptilian species, ranging in physical appearence. The reptilians, encountered on earth, and most known throughout human history, were a race, originally left behind by the Alpha Draconians, to colonize our planet, which they believe is theirs.

Their interaction with mankind, goes back thousands of years, and there are records of them, from all of the ancient civilizations. The reptilians, encountered on earth, are Standing anywhere from 6 to 8 feet tall. their most recognizable feature, is their snake, and lizard resemblence. They have scaled skin, which ranges in color, usually from green to brown, but there are some other colors, like black, orange, red, and even white. They have lean, firm bodies, with powerful arms and legs. Their arms are long, with three long fingers, and an opposable thumb. Their feet, have three toes, and one recessed fourth, that is toward the back side of their ankle. The claws, are short, and blunt.

Their hands, abdomen, and face, are covered with smaller scales, allowing more flexibility. They have wide, lipless mouths, and the majority of them, are reported to have differentiated types of teeth. Reptilians, have either large black eyes, with vertical slit pupils, or eyes that are white, with flame colored vertical slit pupils. Some reptilians heads, are slightly conical in shape, and have two bony ridges, riding from their brow, across their back sloping skull, toward the back of their head. Throughout history, these bony ridges may have been misidentified, as protruding horns.

 Reptilian beings, have no body, or facial hair. The higher a reptilian’s status, the more features it physically decorates itself with, for example a tail, wings and a bony ring around its head. Because of a reptilian’s mental power it can influence what its body looks like.

Reptilian alien

The reptilian races, believe that fear rules, and love is weak. They believe that those they perceive to be less fortunate, in comparison to them, are meant to be slaves. This belief system, is promoted at birth in the reptilian races, wherein the mother, after giving birth, will abandon the offspring, to fend for themselves. If they survive, they are cared for, by a warrior class, that uses these children for games of combat, and amusement. In this way, the reptilians, are forever stuck in survival mode. They believe, that in their ways, that if the young ones survive, they were meant to, and in the process, they have had to fight all the way, and at a young age they are full warriors, used to depending on no one. This means they have no boundaries in what they will do to other beings. It is engrained in them, never to trust a human race, after the great galactic war in lyra, when the reptilians, invaded the humanoid races, who were living in peace and harmony. All of the reptilians, are taught the Draconian version of the history of the Great Galactic War, which teaches, that humans, are at fault for invading the universe, and that humans, selfishly wanted the Draconian society, to starve, and struggle for the basic materials, that would allow them to exist.

Essentially, one of the main things that the Reptilians try to do here on earth, is to cause human suffering, and to ensure there is constant conflict. The reason they want that, is because the Reptilians actually consume negative energy, like jealousy, fear, hate, anger, and even sexual energy, created from perversions.

the reptilians are responsible, for all of the wars, destruction, perversion, hatered, and degradation in humanity, since they consume the negative energy we create. The Reptilians, also enjoy eating human flesh, and human children best, for several reasons. The first, is that children, don’t have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies, that adults do. The other reason, is that when children are put into a state of fear, their energy field, and andrenylin hormones, just explodes, and gets extremely high. The reptilians get a rush from this hormones, and love them. This is the reason, why hundred thousand children are missing every year, without anyone knowing what exactly happened to any of them.

If they capture a human being, they will not usually kill the person right away. What they usually do, is terrify them as much as possible, in order to jack up the level of emotion, and hormones. Then, when they consume the physical body, of that psychologically terrorized being, not only are they feeding themselves, but the hormones, impart a physiological, and psychological rush, which they enjoy. It’s essentially, like a drug high for them.

 Out of all the different types of aliens visiting Earth, the Reptilians, are by far the most dangerous to our very existence as humans.

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