Sassani Extraterrestrial Race

The Sassani, meaning, beings of light, are a humanoid extraterrestrial race, who lives on the planet Essassani, near the Orion constellation, approximately 500 lightyears from Earth. It is believed, that they are a genetic hybrid, between an earth human, and a zeta riticulan.

The Sassani, possesses a combination, of the best characteristics of the two races. They have the Zeta’s telepathic abilities, longevity, sensitivity, scientific, and intellectual capacities, as well as humanity’s vital emotional, sexual, and physical aspects. They also possess the very human curiosity, and the predilection, for speedy advancement. They are very likable, rich with humor, and fluid in their emotions.

They are about 5 feet tall, with greyish skin. Only the females have hair, which is white, with some exceptions. Their heads, are not as big proportionately as the Zetas, and their eyes, are large.


A Sassani representative, using the name Bashar, meaning messenger, has been communicating to Earth, giving many information, for many years, through a man named Daryl Anka. This Sassani being, called Bashar, states that their planet Essasani, meaning place of living light, has approximately 230 million inhabitants, although a significant number of the population, is now inhabiting numerous city sized ships. The city ships, range from one, to ten miles in length.

There are no major structures on their planet, and it’s mainly park-like, and very green. The Essasani planet surface, is used for recreational purposes. The tilt of their planet, is three to four degrees, giving a relatively constant temperature throughout the year. They have a 25 hour day, but a year, lasts for 454 days, due to have a hotter Sun, and thus a wider, and cooler orbit around it. Their green planet, has a very small axis tilt, ensuring their climate is constantly steady, only varying a few degrees either way, around 22 degrees celcium, all year round. Their oxygen, is richer than ours, and if we go to their planet, we’d be a little light headed, until we adjusted, but we could live there just fine, with very little adjustments. The Sassani race, evolves 10 times faster than we do on Earth, due to the dimension, and frequency of their embodiment. The Sassani male, and female energies, are balanced. All experience, is in the present, and they do not judge past experiences. They do not cause polarities, (which is separating self, from the experience, and perception, but exist in the unity of all things, and create their own time.

They took a path of evolution, which was learned from other races, mainly from the Pleiadians.

  Although they do have a physicalized world, they do not follow the flow of keeping track of time. The Sassanis, are moving from the 4th, to the 5th dimension, the same way we are moving from the 3rd, to the 4th dimension on earth.
They are a collective, that exist on a different frequency of reality, which is coincident, with a parallel reality, 700 years in the future, of a separate timeline. 

They have a synchronistic civilization, typical of all advanced races. No governments are required. they operate more by networks, on an individual, and group basis.
Individuals, or groups, provide a needed service, in such a manner, that no monetary, or barter system is necessary. everything is free. Their lifestyle, is always very spontaneous, very joyful, and very ecstatic’.
They emphasize the harmonic number ‘three’, even to the point, of having three-sided scout crafts, that is, triangular shaped. They are used to explore galaxies, and contacting planets, within the Galactic Federation of Light.

They also use a triangular symbol, for communication. If you often see some kind of a triangle, in your dreams, astral projections, meditations, or other deep states, you may be somehow connected, to the Sassani collective consciousness.


The Sassani way, of creating offspring, is between a male, and female, outside of their bodies, without any physical contact, via an energy bubble, infused with their idea, and harmonics of the higher mind, spirit consciousness, where a child, is formed from a single point, like a seed. This happens, because a ‘body form, is located inside our spirit, and not the other way around.
The child, having made the choice to be in the Sassani society, grows, and is guided telepathically. At 3 years old, (
in human terms, the children can go off on their own, learning whatever they wish to learn, because each sassani, always knows where they are, as everyone is linked telepathically. They are ONE family, and in that sense, A child, belongs to every adult, and every adult, belongs to every child. To assist the child to learn, they create environments for them, to express their excitement, and to safely experience, the consequences of their actions. The sassani children, are encourage to discover themselves, in all ways possible, by utilising the synchronism energy, that allows everyone to receive what they need, when they need it.

The Sassani civilization, is also working, on ascending their planetary consciousness, in a higher state.
The Sassani messenger, Bashar,
explains, how the energies of planets, and civilizations, are related in triads. Our planet Earth, the planet Essassani, and the Sirius civilization, is one triad. This is a kind of hierarchy, in which just as humans evolve, and also individual planets, also whole civilizations with planets, move up, to the same framework of ascension steps. This triad, acts as a singular consciousness, at another level, whereby it connects to another triad, with the Arcturus, and Polaris civilizations. 

When the Sassani messenger, Bashar, was asked what the Sassani civilization, is currently exploring, and working on, he answered, that his civilization, is working on the idea, of understanding different dimensions, that they hadn’t encountered before, as a reflection, of their own higher consciousness. He stated, that the sassani civilization, has been assisted with this, by non-physical beings, that exist, or are connected to the vibrational realm, of the star system Sirius .

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